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I have enjoyed photography for many years, particularly sharing the results in photo note cards and a yearly calendar with family and friends. It is only in the last few years that I have expanded my efforts to include photo contests, exhibits, retail sales and now this web site. My business travel throughout the United States and Europe has provided a wonderful and often expense paid opportunity to indulge my love of outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing along with photography. While I find vast panoramas very inspiring, it is often the simple details that capture my imagination. Most all this images were shot with a 35mm Canon EOS Elan II E camera. It is only recently that I entered the daunting world of digital photography with the purchase of a Canon EOS Rebel XT. My lenses vary from a 15mm fisheye, 28-80mm, 28-200mm to a new 100-400mm for shooting wildlife. While all of this equipment is very technical, I am not. Except for a polarizing filter, none of these photos have been manipulated, altered or photo shopped in any way, simply because I don’t know how to do any of that stuff yet. The most important feature on all my cameras is the viewfinder… I simply shoot what I see. The thought of this “technophobe” setting up a web site was out of the question. Heck, I never learned to program my VCR, don’t own a DVD and only recently learned how to link an attachment to an email. The one thing I have learned in this ever-changing technical world is to enlist the help of people who know what they are doing. This web site would not exist if it weren’t for the efforts of two very special and talented people and I am very grateful for their help. Taryn Ciara Eady, my granddaughter, spent part of her Christmas vacation from her first year at film school in London to create this site. Taryn is a loving granddaughter, a gifted artist, and I look forward to attending the Academy Awards when she receives her first Oscar. Caitlin Hoynes-O’Connor, my neighbor, is an honors student at Terrill Middle School. Caitlin is a great saxophonist and talented photographer, who patiently taught and assisted me through the entire scanning process. Thanks again to you both. I hope everyone who visits this site enjoys it as much as I have putting it together. greg Aplus.Net Directory